Dear: Me

18 May

Here’s a bit of insight into me in a letter dated April, 2011.

Dear Me,

You’ve come a  long way , doll.  From that wide-eyed child who managed to run away from her mother at church and navigated  her way to Grandma’s on her own;  to the curious reader who was lucky enough to get a subscription to National Geographic Kids, thanks to her father;  to the teen who dreamed of being a travel agent if only to go on far flung adventures, as a result. The high school career test didn’t lie.  It said you should work in “the leisure industry.”  Ten years later,  after working in the corporate world,  traveling solo in Europe and following your passion, you did.  You met many friends, but you felt you need to advise others on travel in another way.  This epiphany led  you to you to another passion you had: writing.  You’re learning your craft. You’re taking classes along the way and telling stories in an evolving forum.    It’s  new. It’s fun and there are many more expeditions to come.  I can’t wait to see what the next ten years have in store for you.

Much Love,


What’s the life you want to create for yourself? 


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