Dear: Charise

19 May

Dear Charise,

It’s funny how we never knew each other before that little network called Twitter happened.  We’re both connected in the Toronto scene yet ran in very different circles. Of course, it was food that brought us together. You were tweeting about your latest meal at The Black Hoof, Hoof Cafe, Enoteca Sociale (or all of the above).  I was curious. Could there be anyone else that loved Spaghetti Cabonara as much as I did? Whose regular meals consisted of being on Carnivore Row on Dundas West?  You initiated me into the brunch experience of the Hoof Cafe (RIP), as we chowed and bonded over how small our Metropolis really is, in some ways, the only way Torontonians can bond.  Campagnolo and Churchill will always hold a place in our hearts – where many a winter sour was consumed and our fictional Soap Opera of our melodramatic realities intersected.  But now we’ve moved on from those memories and are creating new ones – late night phone calls, philosophical ramblings of how we navigate new chapters in our lives and listening our pasts to create our futures.  It’s like High School fifteen years later.  Hope we make it past graduation.

xo N.

What formidable friendship have you created off of Social Media?

Charise (@charisegarcia) is a PR pro and purveyor of good taste. Her finds in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and beyond can be found on her cute-as-a-button blog, Lucky Penny Daily.  Are you addicted yet?


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