Travel Peeps I Want to Meet (5-7)

19 May

Twitter is a small world.  Especially in the travel blogging community.  Let’s face it. Some of us are addicts. Some of us may spend more time on Twitter than we do with our own family or friends.  I may be one of those people. As the Twitter motto is:  follow your interests. Through this motto, I have been fortunate to have met some really amazing bloggers out there who are passionate about travel and life.  I haven’t met most of the people on this list in real life. The ones that I have met in real life, I wish I had a chance to speak with further, mainly because I’m genuinely curious and admire them in some way. Otherwise, I am hoping I can learn from their successes in some way to further better myself.  Bonus: They’re going to be at TBEX  (for those who don’t know, this is a conference called the Travel Blog Exchange) in Vancouver in June.  Holiday! Celebrate!

Want to know what a Travel Blogger looks like? Exhibit A: Pam Mandel at home in Seattle. It’s a Nerd’s Eye View, non?!  Photo: Pam Mandel

They are:

5. Pam Mandel (@nerdseyeview) A lot of people in “the community” know Pam. Some even fawn over her. Many praise her for her comments. Others may not. What I like about Pam is that she’s outspoken and she will not apologize for it. Sort of like the Amy Poehler and Tina Fey of the travel blogging community. She’s adamant about telling a good story and is very vocal about the rights of bloggers and writers.  I have learned many writing tips and tricks from her. Plus, if I want to read a good travel tale with a cup of tea, I am going to her blog.  I met Pam last year at TBEX, but only spoke to her briefly. I have a feeling she was a *tad* overwhelmed with the attention. I’m hoping I’ll be able to have a more in depth discussion about blogging /writing with her, as we have had more interesting conversations via Twitter (with or without Spencer Spellman).  That said, the woman *always* responds to my tweets. It’s nice to be noticed.

It’s not Jessica, but Venice. And who doesn’t like a pretty picture of Venice? Photo: Jessica Spiegel for Italylogue

6. Jessica Spiegel (@italylogue).  The writer for Boots N All’s Italy Guide, Jessica  is basically the encyclopedia on Italy (and I would argue, Portland because she’s currently based there).  As food crazy as I am. I love her passion for writing, food, travel and endless curiosity. Plus, I don’t think we’ll have any trouble having a discussion on Venice. Jessica spoke on Finding Your Niche  in the blogging realm last year. She advised  to pretend that twitter was a cocktail party and to mingle with different people at the party, rather than being a megaphone.  Nobody wants to hang out with the megaphone.  I’m curious to see what her tips are now, given that the travel community has grown within social media exponentially over the last year, and therefore, the competition and ability to engage an audience has as well.

7. Joseph Hernandez (@joeybear85) Managing Editor at Galavanting Productions/TBEX Helper. Cute as a button. As boy crazy as I am. I want to go up to him and pinch his cheeks on his face, like an aunt does to her favorite nephew. I’d like to get his opinion on what it’s like to work for a conference while juggling writing and working full time.  Plus, Chicago is on my list. He’s a Chi-town native, so I have to ask him for his “spots” and wrangle him into couch surfing at his place if I ever make it to the land once known as Oprah town. Or not. I’m just shameless.

Are you going to to TBEX? Who do you want to meet?  And of course, come find me!  I’m a chatty Cathy about the following places and subjects: New York, Paris, Toronto, Buenos Aires (it’s on my list), Barcelona, food, architecture, travel literature, spelling and punctuation, breaking into the industry,  blogging vs. journalism, travel magazines and the people that write  for travel magazines.  This is really a segue to converse about Andrew McCarthy.  What’s your favorite Andrew McCarthy story? Discuss. 


4 Responses to “Travel Peeps I Want to Meet (5-7)”

  1. pam June 2, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    I’m both flattered and weirdly terrified. No, mostly, flattered. See you soon, in Vancouver.

    • nearafar June 2, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

      Don’t be weirdly terrified! Why would you be?

  2. Jessica, WhyGo Italy June 2, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    I love that you remember the “cocktail party” analogy for Twitter… It’s one of my favorites, I’m glad it made sense! 🙂 And I’m really looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver. Venice? Yeah, I can talk about that… 😉

  3. suki June 2, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    🙂 I just want to meet everyone, and of course, just have a blast in Vancouver.

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