Dear: New York

22 May

Dear New York,

I am listening to “Empire State of Mind,” so beautifully sung by Alisha Keys. She coos: ” Concrete jungle where dreams are made of/There’s nothing you can’t do.” You’re where I aspire to be, at least for a while; a testimony of proving my best work. Can I sacrifice under excruciating circumstances? Living champagne dreams on beer money?  My first time flying into Manhattan,  I remember the sheer adrenaline I had peering down on this metropolis, crackling under the density of excitement.  I toured, and explored; imbibed and passed out – being so overwhelmed and underfed because I was feeding myself too much culture. From Broadway to Central Park; that exciting night of dancing the night away to Pete Tong at Crobar; to the sobering afterthoughts of  what happened on the days of 9/11 trapped between the tourists and fence holes at the World Trade Centre Site.  I knew I had have to come back and I will continue to, again and again.

What’s the one place that you return to time and again?

This photo was taken at John’s Pizza on Bleeker Street in New York City. It is my favorite pizza in the world, even after being to Italy!  


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