Dear: Hostel Celica

1 Jun


Dear Hostel Celica,

I booked you because you were different. You were a former jail in the burgeoning area of Metelkova, Ljubljana. You intrigued me with the cells intact, now decorated by local artists in different themes. Yet you were still relatively unknown.  And a five minute walk from the train station. I knew it was an experience I had to have. I was booked into a dorm with 10 other travelers.  After a long night and an intense discussion on life with an Italian, I was drained.  Back in the dorm, I tip toed my way next to the Irish woman. The snoring, Irish woman.  The LOUD, snoring Irish woman. Her snores sounded Irish. (Okay, that is a lie.) My previous tears had turned into laughter into the stillness of the night. I tried to stifle the laughter but it was difficult; especially after the Aussie tapped her on the shoulder and whispered “Excuse Me.  Excuse Me. You’re snoring is bothering me. Can you please be quiet? Please don’t snore as loud.”  (He did this twice.) Somehow, we made it through the night.  Luckily, Ireland was out the next morning.  Our French roommate, John Baptiste had even recorded the snoring from the night before. This experience bonded our group of ten.  We were even lucky to take a tour of the hostel from the architect (who had kind of made the hostel into a mall-like setting on the main floor).  His answer to my question was “No, the hostel is not haunted.” He was annoyed.

Have you stayed in an unusual setting?  How do you deal with roommates who snore? 

I highly endorse Hostel Celica (out of my own will).  It will be an experience, nonetheless. 


2 Responses to “Dear: Hostel Celica”

  1. Gary Arndt June 2, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    I stayed there just a few weeks ago. I liked it!

    • nearafar June 4, 2011 at 3:40 am #

      I LOVE Slovenia! And this hostel was very cool. 🙂

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