The Last Minute Vancouver Foodie Guide

7 Jun

If you know me, you know I love my food and I love getting suggestions from locals.  I’ll be in Vancouver this week for the annual travel blog exchange (also known as TBEX) and got some great recommendations.

There are quite a few Canadian bloggers who know their stuff so I’m linking to them and pointing out my favorites.

Why Go Canada is a great all-around guide to Canuck destinations.  There is a great guide on Cheap Eats in Vancouver.

Lindsay Young  (@lindsontheroad) of  This is How I Travel  has great recommendations. Lindsay, who now lives in Toronto, and I bonded over a love of travel and fashion at the Toronto Travel Tribe.   I’m excited to try her tips!

Kitsilano. Or Kits. Photo: Bill Casselman

Sushi Recommendations I’m interested in:

Sushi Zero One.   I would consider an affordable meal one that is under $10. Apparently, this is one of those places.

Yamato – this is the go-to sushi joint of Jeannie of The Nomadic Chick or @nomadicchick who has lived in Vancouver for a number of years. Her favorite eats list is here.

The Eatery – this was Lindsay’s top pick when she was living in Vancouver.  After looking at their website, any menu combining sushi and KFC peaks my curiosity.  The pictures of Astroboy also gave me a chuckle. Hello, nostalgia…

Kit’s Sushi – Sushi on the beach? Done.

Remember Anthony Bourdain’s Advice:    “I never order fish on Monday, unless I’m eating at a four-star restaurant where I know they are buying their fish directly from the source. I know how old most seafood is on Monday – about four to five days old!”  Bourdain is also not a fan of discount sushi, but can we make an exception in Vancouver?!


Randall Shirley (@fivefaves), a Vancouverite and editor of Five Faves has listed his top restaurants in his hometown. One I’m interested in checking out is Go Fish, which is steps west of Granville Island. He says: “if the Qualicum beach scallop sandwich is on the menu, you simply must order it. Holy yum.” 

Cartel  Korean Tacos. This is what I love about Canada:  you get such an exotic mix of cultures and it ends up on your plate in ways you wouldn’t think were possible.

Lolita’s – I’m a sucker for a good guacamole recipe. Lolita’s serves theirs after 11 p.m. Me Likey.

Thom Wong, of the blog The Sunday Best, is someone I found via other bloggers and wrote a fantastic Eat and Shop guide for those in town for the Olympics.

Apparently, a legendary place for Chinese food is Hon’s.  It’s not that the food is incredible; it’s more one of those places you can take a big group and the atmosphere probably speaks for itself.


                                                                               Red Card Sports Bar. Photo: Urban Diner

For a great place to drink, Thom recommends Six Acres. It looks cute.  Plus, they have popcorn.

Bridge’s looks like it has a great patio and is highly recommended by Lindsay.

If you want to catch the Stanley Cup Finals, Red Card Sports Bar looks like a good option. It’s in the MODA Hotel.

High End

One of the many tasty-looking cocktails from Hawksworth Restaurant. Photo: Hawksworth Restaurant

Hawksworth Restaurant – located in the historic Rosewood Hotel Georgia (currently undergoing renovations and opening in the summer). The Hawksworth is already being hailed as the best new restaurant in Canada by Macleans and Brad Stanton is certainly the guy I want to make me a drink (I may need one after the Grouse Grind). Why? He’s the Vice President of the Canadian Bartenders Association.  Tres cool.

Ensemble – this is a new restaurant and bar opened by Dale Mackay, who is currently one of the contestants on Top Chef Canada. I’m not sure how it is, but if you’re into the hype this might be an option.  He’s also going to be cooking as part of EAT! Vancouver’s Food and Cooking Festival.  Coincidentally, the festival is in the same building on the same day as TBEX.  (Who wants to come with during a break?!)

Vij’s – The Coles notes on Yelp summarize that the wait to eat is about 90 minutes on average but that the food is worth it (especially if lamb popsicles is any indication).  I guess if you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, this is the place to go. He also serves packaged meals and take-out versions of the dishes from his namesake at Vij’s Rangoli.

The Aftermath: Grouse Grind

Besides, I figure there’s no shortage of activity in Vancouver to burn off all of those calories.

I’ll give an update after the conference.


4 Responses to “The Last Minute Vancouver Foodie Guide”

  1. lindsontheroad June 7, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    Nice summary, Nat!

    Enjoy the Grind 🙂

  2. wedding August 17, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

    This is a well done article that I have bookmarked for future reading. Have a wonderful.One again, your article is very nice

  3. Jeannie (@nomadicchick) August 19, 2011 at 5:35 am #

    Wow, some great advice here! And thanks for including me. 🙂

    • nearafar August 19, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

      Of course! My friends who lived down the street from Yamato and had never heard of it before I took them on your recommendation and now it’s their local. 🙂

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