Good Hotels and Hostels In Toronto

11 Aug

Hola! I was requested by a friend  (The Brooklyn Nomad, Andrew Hickey), who travels to Toronto on business,  to come up with a list of affordable hotels. Interesting question because Toronto has been on a hotel BOOM lately, with at least six properties built in the past two years. The thing is, even as a business traveler, you don’t have to spend a lot to be close to the core and get the amenities you need.  Andrew is probably paying over $100 for a traditional hotel where the wi-fi is slow.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s paying for the wi-fi too. BLASPHEMY.

The view from Planet Traveler Hostel. Yes, this is the view from a HOSTEL.

If he were to go to Planet Traveler, a futuristic, of-the-now hostel on College Street, just up the street from his new workplace, he’d have no problem. There, he could get a clean , private room with an eco-sensibility.  And the wi-fi there is free too! Hells yeah. Oh, did I mention a private room here is $80? EIGHTY BUCKS. STEAL. Bonus for Andrew, who is a coffee fanatic: it’s down the street from Manic Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in the city.

Planet Traveler Hostel

I also recommended The Drake Hotel. Their rooms, crash pads are cool, sleek and stylish. After work, he’s right in the center of Queen West West action, especially at this hotel where extra-curricular activities are happening seven days a week.

The Drake Hotel Crashpad Photo: Drake Hotel

A block away is the historic yet funkafied Gladstone Hotel.  They’re not frenemies with the Drake, but they do offer a similar product. Very cool, artist rendered rooms. Bonus: Karaoke with Peter Styles on weekends. Ohhh yeah.

Gladstone Hotel's Map Room, one of many artist-inspired rooms. Photo: Gladstone Hotel.

Hope this helps Andrew! See, you can even eat cookies in the bed (I won’t tell your son!).

Photo: Gladstone Hotel


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