Guest Post: Vancouver in Four Days

17 Aug

Kitsilano, Vancouver. Photo: nearafar

The lovely Emily from The Maiden Voyage went on her honeymoon to Seattle and Vancouver. She asked me for a few tips and my essay-ridden emails turned into a blog post for her readers.  You’ll see what I did when I went to Vancouver; where I ate; must-sees and must-not-sees. Hopefully, this will prove helpful to you if you are planning your trip there. Vancouver and Victoria are wonderful destinations. It’s places like this that make me proud to be Canadian.  Oh, and if you’re not please follow Emily’s blog. It’s all kinds of awesome!

The guest post link is HERE.

Some lovely British Colombia Links:

Inside Vancouver – really great blog on what’s current and happening in Vancouver.

Vancouver Tourism – official site. They are one of the best tourist boards I’ve dealt with.

Vancouver Island – official site.

Tourism Tofino – they have some really beautiful pictures. I also like their site layout.

Victoria Tourism – great a for a day trip.  I highly recommend taking a float plane. Great experience.


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