Social Media Mondays

19 Sep

I’m introducing a new little column on here called Social Media Mondays.  This is a round up of social media content I find on the web. Researching this information and sharing it helps me learn and I hope you guys can get something something new that is useful to you. I’ll try not to be too redundant with posting stuff from Mashable.  Another thing I am hoping to get out of this series is to spark creativity and ideas, which sometimes come when we are outside of our own bubble. If you have any news or ideas for this column, I’m open to hearing your ideas.

A few things I’ve found around the web this week that I like:

Fast Company’s series, Make Your Move, features interviews with some of the most well known entrepreneurs today. The connection I saw between these entrepreneurs is that ideas come from a combination of a need, a passion and serendipity. I never previously knew about the Black List, a  yearly publication highlighting Hollywood’s most popular unproduced screenplays. I like the way Franklin Leonard speaks – it engages you.  He found a way to highlight good storytelling.  Ben Lerer has a great outlook on life: how to take the idea of having fun seriously. It’s an oxymoron, but a great way to live a fulfilling life.

Travelllll (that’s five L’s) just launched. I think it’s about time there was a town hall on the web for bloggers to come together and discuss the issues that bridge the gap between business and blogging. That said, I like the mix of content from news, tech, guides and great photography from trips/destinations.  John O’Nolan (that dude from WordPress) has done a fabulous job putting together the layout that is readable and pretty. A win win in my RSS feed.

After temping with Edelman PR this week, I stumbled upon the blog of Dave Fleet, who is the Vice President of Digital in Toronto. He blog offers practical advice on PR, Communications and Social Media that has given me ideas of how to improve my own blog. His post on “How to Improve Your Social Media Content Strategy” really got me thinking about blog  goals, scheduling and thinking outside of the box in terms of promotion. For instance, we all think about our immediate content (words) but may not be thinking about the associated content like pictures and video. One great tip I got for improving SEO from The Planet D was to save or tag your pictures with the keywords (i.e. Barcelona, Spain instead of IMG234).  In the travel world, this will prove particularly effective if someone is searching for content on a place that is less well known and rank you on that topic.

Is there anything that you learned about social media this week? As a blogger what issues do you still struggle with? 

Photo: Audrey Hepburn Complex


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