Dear Algonquin Park

21 Sep

We met four years ago in the summer of 2007. Though, I spent many years camping Haliburton, I never got to see you. We were so close, yet so far. I was so glad to finally meet you on Opeongo Lake and then Proulx Lake. Crisp, flat waters. A slight breeze. A hop, skip and a portage later, a mix of strangers became friends. You become fast friends when you have to transport two canoes, eight backpacks and food a few miles.

We canoed 30 kilometers all over you; lillypads abound.  The best part was jumping into you. A splash. Cold and invigorating. At night, the skies lit up with stars galore. We laid on the rocks, amazed. Eventually, we had to leave.

Daily water filtering

The fresh air; the quietness of a lake at night; the paranoia of a bear encounter; the tense silence of seeing a moose for the first time.

Our Moose sighting in Algonquin

I’m lucky to say I’ll be back. This time on a different lake and on a different quest. I can’t wait to catch you all up on the adventure and the exploration.

See you soon!



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