#Fri Fotos: Road Edition

30 Sep

Stopping in the middle of the road in San Francisco

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a popular twitter chat/photo sharing session every Friday called #FriFotos. Each week, tweeters can submit a picture according to the week’s theme.  This week’s theme is roads.  When I started looking through my pictures,  I stumbled upon this picture from my trip in San Francisco.  I was walking my way up the very steep roads to the Coit Tower when I noticed all of these stenciled in stop signs on the road.  I can imagine that these would help with drivers navigating the roller coaster-like hills of the city as well as assist with parking. So I mustered up my best Spice Girls impersonation (they call me Baby Spice) and managed not to get hit by a car in the process. Huzzah!

That said, I thought this picture was a good variation on the typical road trip picture. If you are not following the entrepreneurial Jonathan Epstein (@EpsteinTravels), founder of #FriFotos , I  highly recommend that you do. He is all things twitter, Ireland, Atlanta and road trips.  Another shout out to the lovely Charles Yap, who is the Global brand social media director of Intercontinental Hotel Group(@HotelPRGuy) and a frequent co-host of Fri Fotos.


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