Social Media Mondays

3 Oct

Luke, I am your father. Photo from: Business Grow.

Why hello there…

The social media round up of this week includes:

My new favourite site is Copy Blogger. I really liked this post on 10 Simple Steps to Becoming a Writer.  Simple. I would add a #11: Read. Read your favourite writers. Reading helps me improve my vocabulary vastly. It also enables me to hone what I like to read and what I don’t which means I can write copy that I hope other people will like or find useful.

G Adventures (formerly known as Gap Adventures) hosted an event on the Future of Tourism for World Tourism Day. You can watch the video here, but after thinking about the video and the message, it was interesting to see how the message was presented. Bruce Poon Tip used many videos (linked on You Tube), pictures and copies of tweets to discuss how his brand and company are emerging for tomorrow and how they continue to change people’s lives and do the right thing (two of the company’s five mottos).  The company is very active in technology. Every employee is required to have a twitter handle and the company as a whole are active users of Apple products. They partnered with Apple to show how they have used their products on Apple’s site. The link shows some of the interesting apps G has used to make their lives easier while on the go. G itself is also coming out with their own app in October where they share the restaurants and hotels they stay in locally around the world.  As Bruce says in the video, “if you can’t travel with us, travel like us.”  I have to say I’m impressed.

First impressions count and now that someone can find your twitter handle to find you, personality is paramount. That’s why I liked this post on 20 of the world’s most clever twitter bios on Business Grow. I think the Darth Vader one is my favourite. It is shown in the opening picture.

Until next Monday,


What are your go-to social media sites? 


3 Responses to “Social Media Mondays”

  1. Thomas | Jus Getaway October 5, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    Love that he calls his kids his jedis now thats funny. I need to check out G Adventures. Its nice to have a partnership with Apple!

  2. Rob Bloggeries October 5, 2011 at 10:30 pm #

    Darth Vader is funny, copy blogger is insanely popular for a reason – he’s dope. Ever thought of going to your own domain? If so holla!

    • nearafar October 6, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

      Thanks for the comment! I brought a domain and my friend is helping me move over to a customized wordpress. Until then, I’m trying to blog three times a week with regular columns like Social Media Mondays and Fri Fotos Fridays. Plus, I just came back from a trip in Algonquin Park, so more posts on that as well! I am realizing how much better the blog will be once I can come up with a lay-out that is unique to me. If you have any tips, send em my way!

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