NEAR: Bangkok Garden

9 Oct

Bangkok Gardens Atmosphere

The Thai food scene in Toronto is pretty straight forward. It’s either good or it’s not. I haven’t been to Thailand, but I know good food. And Bangkok Garden is good food. Straight Up Paula Abdul styles.  The only other Thai food restaurant that I crave is Khao San Road (or KSR for short). It has now changed.

Lovely Decor at Bangkok Gardens and some sparkling wine with wild hibiscus

Bangkok Garden and Khao San Road have very different menus. KSR serves different styles of pad thai and curries. It also has an amazing garlic chicken dish and fried squash fritters.  Bangkok Gardens, on the other hand, has a variety of dishes. Our pad thai wasn’t a main; it was an appetizer.  The scallops were barbecued and served with peanut sauce (I love peanut sauce).  Bangkok Garden does serve three different types of curry, which we had small samples of instead of one big dish of each curry. I liked that the sampling style of service. A big bowl of rice in beautiful ceramic bowls were on hand to complement the dishes.

Scallop Satay

The highlight of the meal for me was the Spicy Tofu, which was fried and served with a chilli-tamarind sauce. I’m not usually a tofu fan, but the way the tofu was flavoured and cooked (crispy on the outside; soft on the inside) was addicting!

Spicy Tofu at Bangkok Gardens. This was my favourite dish.

I also liked how the basil chicken was cooked. It was a hefty portion and good value. Is it wrong to be hungry while reminiscing on this meal?

Three of the many curries served at Bangkok Garden

And the creme de la creme were the desserts. I practically licked the bowl clean on the  smooth and silky chai chocolate mousse. The lychee pana cotta had a refreshing, sweet taste. That said, the meal wouldn’t have been as much fun without the wonderful company I had sitting near me: Andrew Dobson of Dobbernation Loves, Adam Mazerall and Jacqueline Nicosia of Notable, Lisa Ng of Hip Urban Girl and Beatrice “Run don’t walk” Bastedo, foodie PR superstar.

Chai Chocolate Mousse was lick-the-bowl-clean delicious

Hot Tip: Bangkok Garden is located within the building of the Elmwood Spa. So this is a nice before or after eat if you’re going for a spa treatment. The Elmwood is also rated as one of the best spas in Toronto.

This meal was sponsored by Bangkok Garden and Shawn Rusich of Butter PR. I was not asked to do a blog post but I wanted to because I really enjoyed the meal. Plus, this is a note to all of the bad Thai Restaurants out there to illustrate who is cooking good Thai food. 


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