NEAR: The Eaton Centre’s New Food Court

12 Oct

The Eaton Centre's new Urban Eatery. Fancy!

You know life is boring when the most excitement you’re getting is when the local mall renovates their food court. *Someone needs to go on a date! 

The Eaton Centre's Urban Eatery. Nice look for a food court!

Actually, you really could have a date in The Eaton Centre’s new food court named the Urban Eatery. It’s pretty stylin’.  After a meal at a restaurant, I went down to the lower level of the mall that previously looked really stale.  I’m not sure when the last renovation was but it was definitely feeling like the early 90s in there for a while. If you want to see what I’m talking about , go to the north end of the food court.

The new Urban Eatery at the Eaton Centre

Apparently, the new Urban Eatery cost $48 million in renovations as part of the $120 million in revitalization of the dated looking shopping centre situated in the “centre” of Toronto’s downtown . The old favourites are there: New York Fries (which is now tucked away in a corner and not conveniently near the elevator), A&W and McDonald’s, which is now closer to Dundas. It’s looking pretty slick. McFlurry anyone?

Flashy McD's at the Eaton Centre. Date night?

The bathrooms have also been renovated. They’re bigger, cleaner and more modern. I particularly liked the sink.

The Eaton Centre's New Bathrooms

There are some new additions to the food court including Urban Herbivore (whose other location is in the not-as-accessible Kensington Market) and Fast Fresh Foods, for those who are more health conscious.

It was fun for a photo essay.  The Eaton Centre’s website is here.


One Response to “NEAR: The Eaton Centre’s New Food Court”

  1. Jenny Serwylo February 27, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    When I first saw the new food court, I was SUPER impressed (alright, maybe it’s been a while since I’ve been on a date too?). It actually looks, y’know, like a proper food court! There is so much selection there now, that if I’m meeting friends in the area, I’ll suggest grabbing a bite there before running off. Gone are the limited days of Manchu Wok and that terrible RichTree…now you can get a vegan bowl, decent espresso and butter chicken all in the same place!

    I’m curious, though; do most malls have food this ethnically diverse? Toronto is the world’s most diverse city, so I’m wondering how (or if?) that was factored in when the restaurant selection happened. A few of the chains in there seem to be local, too (Urban Herbivore, Amaya Express, and the Israeli chain Aroma, whose first Canadian location was in TO). I haven’t been to many malls, but I’d imagine a mall in Sudbury may not have the same selection.

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