Social Media Mondays

17 Oct


Kobo has currently come out with a tablet called the Kobo Vox, as reported by the Globe and Mail.  It’s significantly less than an ipad and will sell for $200 starting October 28.  (There is no release date in Canada at the moment.)  I think it’s a good deal because it’s offering similar features to the ipad and over 15,000 free apps to download. Will you be buying the Kobo? Or do you feel like it was a waste to buy the Kobo e-reader before the Vox came out? Or..are you an Apple fan through and through and the ipad will only do?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

The PR Daily had an interesting article on the guide to Retweet success. One of their tips was to share new information and not just information that interests you but timely information that your network will love. They go on to say that if you retweet breaking news. I agree, but at the same time, if I’m not the breaker of news (I can’t be on the pulse at every moment nor do I want to be) I find it annoying to see the same topic being retweeted in one day. It’s one reason I don’t post about news on Mashable. Why? Because everyone already goes to Mashable; it’s the main resource for social media information. So why would I share something that someone can easily look up or is already being spread across social media channels?  I don’t think my network would have seen certain news right away and if I can elaborate on it, I will send out the message later. What are your retweeting tips? How often do you retweet? And what are you retweeting?

As a segue, I was rewatching a video from master marketer Sally Hogshead about fascination and moreso, attention spans. Sally had a great talk about comparing fascinating new clients (or anyone, rather) to online dating. Her research found that due to the internet, that our attention spans are nine seconds. NINE SECONDS. Today, we only have NINE SECONDS to make an impression.  That’s the attention span of a fish. If you watch the video the whole way through, she has a great and well, fascinating story.  So how do you do it? You have to understand what your “fascination triggers” are. There are 7 triggers that she explains (and that are in her book): Power, Passion, Prestige, Mystique, Alarm, Vice (Rebellion) and Trust. You can then use your natural triggers to amplify your ideas and get people to pay attention in the nine seconds you have  to capture them.  I find it relevant as Social Media continues to become more prevalent in our daily lives.

Photo: Roger Arquer



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