Charity Month: Intrepid’s Deepalaya Foundation

20 Oct


October and November are those months: where people are wearing pink, running 5 km or marathons, shaking some booty to raise money for their given charity and starting to grow some very interesting mustaches for Movember. To be honest, it’s overwhelming.

That said, there’s causes that go under the radar because they are overshadowed by the ones that get more marketing or attention.  And that’s why I wanted to talk about the Intrepid Foundation Deepalaya project.

Backstory: Intrepid runs sustainable tours all over the world and they have been very supportive of a travel group I’m in called the Toronto Travel Massive. The Toronto Travel Massive is a group of travel bloggers and enthusiasts that meet the last Thursday of every month to learn new blogging skills or to talk shop at a different location . Started over a year ago, the group has grown from about 13 members to over 40 people attending our one year anniversary. Intrepid has been really supportive of our community and even helped members The Planet D offset their carbon emissions during their epic adventure to the Mongol Rally, where they drove from London to Mongolia to raise over $5000 for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. 

Photo: Toronto Travel Massive This was the first meeting!

Current Story: At the end of last month, Intrepid gave the Toronto Travel Massive a challenge to raise funds for the Deepalaya project by October 25. The project shelters, counsels and educates street kids in Dehli. Over 44,000 children have been educated as a result of the project. There is a current home for the boys with 52 children in residence.

Deepalaya is also involved in a Vocational Centre which provides technical training for the boys and for girls from the surrounding villages of Mewat. They learn skills in tailoring, computer hardware and software, electronics, air conditioning and refrigeration. Construction of a girls’ hostel is nearing completion. The hostel will accommodate 60 girls.

Taj Mahal Photo: Conde Nast Traveler

A note: Whoever raises the most money will get an Intrepid tour to India with airfare as well as a chance to visit the project in person. However, this is not the reason I am doing the project and it’s not the reason I would want to support a charity, even though it’s a great incentive.

Before this project, I didn’t know about the Deepalaya Project. Traveling and being part of a collective has opened up my eyes to some of the issues that are happening abroad and we have a great opportunity to support kids who may not have had the opportunities we have had but more so giving teaching the independence that we do.

So I would appreciate it if you could make a donation, however big or small you would like.

My donation page is here.


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