NEAR: Back to Life. Back to Reality.

23 Nov

Baklava is the perfect picture to have for this post because it was a favourite growing up and representative of the Greek neighbourhood I grew up in.

Phew! It’s been a while and I want to apologize. I tried to keep a schedule but life got in the way. And sometimes it happens. Sometimes, you can only schedule so much when you’re scheduling other things. “Life is what happens when you make other plans.” (are you puking yet?)

Life in the past two years for me has been really topsy turvy. Dealing with the freelance life and a nomadic schedule has thrown me for a loop. Writing and photography are huge passions of mine that I hope I can continue to learn and grow from but for the past few months I’ve been craving stability.

Yes, the freedom loving Sagittarius who is happy to work from any cafe (in the world) wanted a 9 to 5. I missed the regular subway rides (not the regular subway delays, however); the morning rush of getting to work on time; putting on an outfit that consisted more than leggings and a t-shirt; saying “hello, how is your day?” to colleagues instead of anonymously hunkering down in front of my lap top; regular scheduled lunch breaks and other things to look forward to after work. And weekends. Even though I write on weekends, I no longer feel like I’m working all the time, searching for something or being ambivalently lost. That said, I loved that I had the freedom to create and get recognized for it. That’s the best feeling.

My first solo trip all started with Greece. It felt closest to home. The pastry; the man lurking in the background. It all works.

After I came back from AlgonquinPark in September, in one weekend I got asked three times: “What do you want to do? In your life? In the next year?” Similarly,I got the question, “if you could pick your dream job, what would it be?” It was a lot of pressure to feel like I had to summarize my dreams and my life in a 30 second pitch to satisfy others. But when I think about certain passions, what I enjoy, and where I excel it came back to the same three things: “Social Media. Writing. Travel.”  If I could somehow incorporate those things into my life, I think I’d be happy.

So by the wills of good timing, a little networking and finally joining Linked In I can now proudly say I have my 9 to 5 job working in social media for a travel company. In September, I also became a contributor for Sympatico’s travel section focusing in on their Luxe for Less section. I hope to continue to build my portfolio and continue to inspire people with wanderlust, this time by doing not dreaming. I never thought that loving travel so much could become a job (are you puking yet?), but somehow the universe has aligned us. It didn’t happen overnight and there were a LOT of sacrifices (not only on myself but on others…and I’m eternally grateful for those people in my life) but I finally feel like I’m back to myself a little bit with the balance and excited to see what I can produce. Do the office cubicles remind me of a Dilbert cartoon? Sure.  But right now, I want a little bit of the Dilbert lifestyle. Is it forever? No. But that’s okay. Situations, feelings, can change in a year but my current situation is fulfilling and I hope it continues in other realms even if it doesn’t last in this one.

Do you feel like you’re on the right track? 


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