What Passports with Purpose Means To Me

28 Nov

Reading, Writing and Travel. I wouldn't have it any other way! Let's build some libraries. At Atlas Cafe in NYC.

I remember when my mother read to me. Every night before she tucked me into bed, she would read the story of the Cookie Monster (if you know me now, you’ll see that this is no surprise. I love food and a lot of my conversations are surrounded by it today). I still remember her repeating “C is for Cookie.” When I was three, I was reading. My bed was not without a book. To this day, I always have a magazine or a book (usually travel related) either on my bed or by my bedside. My biggest accomplishment in Grade One was being able to read my report on flamingos to the upper grades. I was so proud and so were my parents. Spelling notebooks came back with gold stars and though I didn’t realize it earlier in my life, I knew that words, books and magazines would always be a big part of my life.  Being able to read was my greatest gift. And being able to use the library, whether it was at school or down the street on those special days off school (PA Days) was my life saver. I just brought a book the other day and it was $30! Not many people can afford that cost for one book.

793 million people can't read. But this guy can. I hope to give kids this luxury. At City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.

So it’s stunning to know that 793 million people across the globe lack the ability to read and write. That includes every medicine bottle, employment ad and ballot form they encounter. Of all the illiterate people in the world today, two-thirds are female and over 90 percent live in developing countries. (Source: Room to Read).

Room to Read partners with communities across the developing world to promote literacy and gender equality in education by establishing libraries, constructing classrooms, publishing local-language children’s books, training educators and supporting girls’ education.

Room to Read  believes all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, and that investing in education now will pay dividends for generations to come. (Source: Room to Read)

I believe this too and that’s where Passports with Purpose gets involved. They’re helping raise $85,000 for  Room to Read to build two libraries –in addition to over 12,000 libraries they’ve already built to change lives–and give people a chance at a better life. Because it all starts with a word and understanding it.

Education. Kids. Sustainability. Travel. These are all things I value and I hope you will help support such a great cause.

Yes, I'm posing and not reading but this was such a dream to visit. I hope to give at least one child the joy of what it means to go to a library and eventually a book store. At City Lights in San Francisco.

How I am Helping

As a travel blogger, I had to secure a prize from a sponsor. Since I’m Near and Afar, I will be hosting two prizes.  A “Near” prize in Toronto and an “Afar” prize in Canada.  There will be two separate blog posts for each and they’re centered around food and travel. So who wouldn’t want to win and support an amazing cause in the process?!

How Can you Help? 

Do you have $10 to spare?  This all goes back to Room to Read. And the PWP organizers actually visit the site to follow up on development.

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Head on over to the prize catalog / donation page, up on November 30.
  2. Select my prize (and/or whichever strikes your fancy) and make your tax deductible donation via PayPal for a chance to win.
  3. The sweepstakes is from November 30 to December 16.  Prize winners will be announced on December 22.

Check out the PWP website for full details and send me an email (hellonatalietaylor@gmail.com)/tweet if you have questions or want to know anything about Toronto or otherwise (Travel, Europe, food, etc). I’m a bit evasive now but in my next posts on Wednesday, you’ll have the opportunity to win AND give back to such a worthy cause.

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2 Responses to “What Passports with Purpose Means To Me”

  1. erin graves November 28, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

    Wow, I’ve never heard of Passports with a Purpose, but I love the premise. I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks!


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    […] 30 were sent out before the New Year and about 15 more were sent to those who assisted me with Passports with Purpose. This feels good. And I got a few notes saying how thoughtful it was to do this. Plus, it’s […]

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