#FriFotos: Yellow

9 Dec

New York City Cabs and the New York Times. Classic.

Yellow is one of my favourite colours. On a dreary day, it’s an instant pick me up. When it comes to travel photography, it’s a colour that stands out.

I chose two photos. The first pic is my favourite picture of NYC taxi cabs. When I was walking down the street, I was meandering and stunned that I found myself in front of the New York Times Building. Because I was in the city for a writing conference, I felt it was like one of those omens in that hopefully, one day I would be able to published with one of the most recognized newspapers in the world. Of course, I wanted a picture in front of the famed building and instead ended up getting a really bad tourist photo.  So I said screw the pic and ended up looking for another shot. I ended up getting my stellar shot of the taxi cabs lined up one in front of the other. Winning!

Sunset on the Atabeyra in the Turks and Caicos

Recently, I was on a trip to Turks and Caicos, home to some of the most gorgeous sunsets. I captured this one, its bursts of beaming sunshine fading into the dusk. Sunsets are proof that yellow is one of the most powerful colours on the colour wheel.  For me, it was one of those colours that I was immediately drawn to and really did illuminate my strength in the darkest of periods in my life.  I love the dichotomy that yellow can have in a big city or a small island.

Long live mellow yellow!

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