NEAR: Barque

9 Jan

I want my baby back baby back ...ribs!

Barque was the first choice to tick off the list of my 2012 Restaurant Resolutions (it’s the only one I’ve been keeping thus far!).  You can follow my other restaurant reviews on Yelp if you are so inclined.

Coke in a mason jar works for Barque. So twee!


It’s woodsy. There’s even tree bark in the bathrooms (which have these lovely sliding doors, by the way). Lots of families and groups here but we opted for a girlfriend catch up. There were quite a few adorable kids here. Great for people watching. We were lucky it wasn’t super busy as I’ve seen wandering by in visits past.

Service was friendly and relaxed. The one waiter whose look is inspired by Adam Lambert is quite hilarious. When I said “Table for Two,” he replied, “Totally.” I was waiting for a rendition of “If I Had You.” Encore performance next time?

Arugula Salad

We got the lunch menu but couldn’t resist the half rack ribs (that come with two sides each). The meat was lovely and it filled us just enough. The spicy ribs have quite the bite and our two sauces complimented the meat quite well.  Our sides were the cuban corn (yum!); arugula salad (a good palate cleanser and a hefty side); fries with aioli (delish!) and more cuban corn.

Soft drinks come in mason jars and are portions work in Barque’s favour.

I’d like to try the brisket but another day!

I’m barqueing up Barque’s tree. Worthy of a few repeat visits.


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