NEAR: Tati Bistro

16 Jan

Tati Bistro

Tati is the sixth restaurant I have reviewed out of 10 restaurants on my Restaurant Resolutions list and I’ve been able to complete more than half the challenge before the half way point of January. Huzzah! You can see this review on Yelp as well.  This is going so much more well than my 30 day resolution which was supposed to be yoga in January. Yikes!

Tati Bistro bar

Tati was the perfect antidote to a snowy and slushy January day. I was immediately struck by their signage, which displays a part of its charm. Inside, it’s all of the European bistro cliches you can think of: quaint, cozy, and warm. Because it’s a small place, we were seated in the middle of the restaurant. I wouldn’t normally like this but it worked. A note that it was a bit drafty inside. Bring a sweater! I really like the bar area as well. It’s minimalism works.

French Onion Soup, Tati Bistro

I’m a sucker for French onion soup and Tati’s didn’t disappoint. It was all of the onion-y, salty flavour you could ask for. And they put plenty of cheese on top. I had the steak frites for my main.

Steak Frites, Tati Bistro

The steak was medium-well, juicy and tender. It was sizeable and I couldn’t finish it. The accompanying fries were plentiful and a good mi of salty and savoury. At $31, I thought it was a bit pricey for its value. A Syrah was a good accompaniment.

Beet Salad, Tati Bistro

Sweetbreads, Tati Bistro

My dining companion had the beet salad and the sweetbreads. The salad was a very large portion and looked delicious. I had a taste of the sweetbreads and they were a bit meaty for my taste but she seemed to enjoy them.

Tati’s unassuming nature and solid menu makes it a refreshing place to have a meal. It’s a great date place but I feel like there was something missing in the food to make me a super fan. Nonetheless, I’ll be back.


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