AFAR: A note from Santorini

30 Jan

I titled this originally: Meeee in Santorini

Back in the good ol’ days of 2006 I was in my blogging infancy on Blogger. The blog is still up and I decided to revisit a note I wrote when I was abroad to my friends and family. I guess this post is not so much about reminiscing but about what’s it’s like to be in the moment and how I travelled before I became obsessed with capturing the moment and actually just…captured the moment. I still try to do that today and try not to update while on the road but do try to blog as soon as I can to be in the moment but capture the moment. So here’s some truthful thoughts about Greece six years ago:

PS:  I said “Net cafe?” LAME.

Santorini at sunset. The one reason you need to go to Greece.


Hey Y’all,

Currently in Santorini writing from a net cafe.
Greece is amazing!

Flew into Gatwick, slept in the airport on plastic chairs and in a Starbucks for 8 hours, flew into Athens and got swindled at my hotel. I’m fine, just a little bit more poor.

Headed to Mykonos and saw some Italians in thongs at Paradise beach. The thing about Mykonos is that if there’s a platform, someone is dancing on it. Screw dinner. Let’s dance on a platform! If you like Italians, they vacation in Greece and if you put on the soccer song from 1994, they go bananas.

Also, Mykonos has no intersections or street signs. Its just a whole bunch of winding alleys. You can go to the club and then go across the alley way and go shopping.

Then headed off to Paros, which is windy. Learned how to play some backgammon and was fed dessert!

The Far Out Resort in Ios. In 2006, tiki camping huts were 8 EUROS!

Then Ios, which is my favorite island so far. Same thing as Mykonos but they have some weird names for bars: Fun Pub, Slammer bar, Disco 69, Flames, etc. Saw a fire display which was really cool. The weather is warm and slightly breezy and lots of action by the pool. Some guy tried to trick me into thinking he was poor, hadn’t had anything to eat and lost all of his money. I didn’t give him money so he gave me a really hard time to the point where I was starting to get angry (i.e. Hulk…I’m getting a little angry…haha). He then told me he was just collecting money for a pool tourney! GRRRRRRR!
Camping there is 8 euros and we stayed in the coolest little hut. It was very tiki style.

And this was the last night of our Busabout tour...

I am now in Santorini. What they say is true: some of the most amazing sunsets ever. Last night was the last night of our tour, so we got to the bar ready to party and the DJ is playing Counting Crows, REM’s Losing my Religion, etc. I was so depressed! So I requested Jamirioquai and he didn’t know who that was! Damn greeks! So I just said dance music and then we all went off the hook…dancing on bars, closing the place down and drinking many shots!

The theme song here is Love Generation –and to note: World Hold On— and everyone loves that hips don’t lie song by Shakira. If I have to hear that song one more time, I’m going to spew. Sorry Ruby!

Anyways, the food is amazing and cheap. Gyros for 2 euro, Heineken for less than 2 euro. I have not been eating vegetables for the past week and a half.

I am off to Crete after this to meet up with a friend from TO and am looking forward to that and having some good calamari.

Then its off to Roma where I’ll be camping and then seeing the Amalfi Coast. Then back to Rome for 3 more days, up to Bologna, Modena (home of ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti), Venice, Firenze, Verona, Pisa but now I’m thinking Cinque Terre.

I'm a good little traveller. Classic vacation shot: Black Beach, Santorini

I still have money, I haven’t gotten lost and I haven’t gotten anything stolen and haven’t lost too much control (although I do have a few bruises! hahah).

Have met some amazing people from all over the world: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

Feeling a bit more relaxed and will try to get some pictures on here when I can.

Ciao Ciao



5 Responses to “AFAR: A note from Santorini”

  1. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures January 30, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    You look so gorgeous in that 1st pic! I’m dying to get to Greece!!

    • nearafar January 30, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

      Thanks! I’m starting to realize how much I miss Greece. I’m always posting photos of it. 🙂 I’ve been to 5 islands and Athens. Let me know if you need any info! Santorini was my fave. I say forget Crete.

    • nearafar February 2, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

      Thanks Love! I’m happy to help you out with your planning to Greece. 🙂

  2. momwhoruns January 31, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    Went to Greece a million years ago…12 girls, 3 islands. Dont ask. All I remember is the delicious yoghurt (with honey) an really really cheap food. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

    • nearafar February 2, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

      The food is cheap and super delicious! Thanks for the note. 🙂

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