8 Feb

I’m a bit surprised at how quickly the Restaurant Resolutions are coming along. I have now completed my eight restaurant that I’ve been meaning to try called The Ace, located in west-end new hot spot strip called Roncesvalles. Known as the landing strip for Polish immigrants, it’s now filled with hipster hang outs like The Ace. I didn’t necessarily come for the food.I just merely wanted to try something new.  As you can see, the light was very dark so the pictures are not the best.

Moules Frites at The Ace

Here’s my take: 


Yes, I have to say it. So hipster. It is a long, narrow diner with plenty of booths and stools at the bar. Really funky wallpaper adorns the walls and you can see the cooks working their magic in the back. It’s dimlit in here and perfect on a grey or breezy night. Great for a casual date or catch up with a friend.  I think our waitress was Lisa Lobslinger who is in Broken Social Scene. I love her name and her hair is a world of it’s own.

Fried Chicken at The Ace #NomFiles

Warm bread and olives were comforting and I’m glad we got them because it took a while for our food to come. If you’re in a rush, maybe this is not the place for you.
I had the fried chicken. It’s not Stockyards but I gobbled it up! It felt like my grandmother’s recipe. Yum and YUM.
I mistakenly thought Mac and Cheese was on the menu — only the children’s menu. Bring it for the adults!
My dining partner had the mussels and fries. I had a fry and they were thick and fresh and lovely. He seemed to enjoy the mussels. It was quite the bowl. Portions are just the right size to fill you up but not leave you stuffed.
After hearing that they had nutella perogies on the menu, we had to try them. What a creative dish! They were delish but they were not “wow” and a brown perogie may not be the most visually appealing. That said with some creme fraiche, lovely!

Yes, these are NUTELLA PEROGIES. Naturally, we had to celebrate World Nutella Day in all of it's glory. The perogies are a nice nod to the nabe.

The Ace is ace. It seems like a lot of people are going here for brunch. Maybe I’ll try it when the crowds die down? This place really does feel like the new Swan.


2 Responses to “NEAR: The ACE”

  1. Sheryll Donerson March 5, 2012 at 10:48 pm #

    I am starving and this post definitely didn’t help. Those perogies look AMAZING!

    • nearafar March 6, 2012 at 1:36 am #

      Um, yes nutella perogies. Nutella ANYTHING is good in my books! Thanks for the lovely comment. 🙂

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