#FriFotos: Green

16 Mar

Vancouver's Cliffwalk across from the Capilano Cliffwalk. Can't you just smell that fresh air?!

A little photo essay of my “green” photos for #FriFotos. This was fun to seek out. It made me miss Ireland and the forests of British Colombia, but I also realized there is a lot of  “green” in places other than Ireland. Come take a peek! 

The Cliffwalk at the Capilano. Amazing. A must-see if in Vancouver.

You can't do a "Green" post without those Ireland pics. So here's one of the Dingle Peninsula, my favourite place in Ireland (to date).

Some more Irish-green themed photos. From behind the Rocks of Cashel.

Sometimes, there are less obvious green photos. Like this one of a sword fight I had just outside of Montreal in my friend's backyard. Turns out she loves to LARP. I don't know. It was fun.

In the NEAR files, there's lots of green in Algonquin park. Oh, and a Moose sighting. On Lake Opeongo.

I loved these green moss trees in Ljubljana framing the banks of the river. And there's a bit of green on the top of the spire on the building, too.

Would you believe this fern is in St. Kitts? Lots of forestry in the jungles of Mount Liamuiga. Great hike!

And this is me on top of Mount Liamuiga, a dormant volcano in St. Kitts! Whoo Hoo! I made it. I'm hiding the sweat well here. 🙂

To participate in Fri Fotos all you have to do is follow the twitter hashtag,#FriFotos. Each theme is announced every Tuesday after noon.  For full rules, click here.


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