NEAR: Save In The City. A Video Entry!

12 Apr

The Ginger Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich. This photo does not do it justice but I can't embed the video for some reason!

So…there’s this amazing website in Toronto called “My City Lives” and what makes it different from other sites is that it’s a hyper local travel site that’s dedicated to video blogs.  Not only can find out about specific categories (shopping, food and drink, etc.) you can look for videos based on location via the map of Toronto. Pretty nifty! So these geniuses teamed up with financial jaggernaut ING to launch a video contest called “My City Saves.” Anything goes but you have to show your best saving tip in Toronto.

There will be four winners in four categories. Each winner can either a. win an ipad and b. give the money to charity.  I’m going to be totally selfish on this one and vote for the ipad. Confession: I have a flip phone. People don’t believe me. They think I live in *Gasp* the nineties or something.  It’s Samsung and totally hot. Not really. Anyways, the sob story is I work in social media and I should get with the times (you’re more than willing to write my company an email regarding this).  This was totally up my alley so I am giving you my best secret eat in the city. It’s under $3.50. If you could “Like” the video in the VIDEO LINK (pink button), I would be eternally grateful! It ends tomorrow.

And feel free to add @mycitylives on Twitter. They’re a great resource if you’re coming to Toronto and want to meet the characters or find out about local spots here. (Totally my like-a-rade on them. This post is not sponsored for or endorsed).

*Please excuse excessive blinking and dorkiness. I’m not really used to the video thing but I hope to get better at it.


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