#FriFotos: Clocks

13 Apr

Time in Paris and New York

This Friday’s theme was clocks and time. I thought it was a good post and never realized I had a few photos of clocks. I love the romance of old clocks and finding them in the strangest places. Here are a few of my finds. 


I love a play on words so I chose TIMES Square. Get it? Oh, I'm so clever.


In the Near files, this creative and time-ticking themed cake is at the wonderful Moroco in Yorkville, Toronto. Run, don't walk here kids!


Funny how New York is obsessed with time. There's this clock in the Chelsea Market. I love the fonts.


Then there's this clock at The Mercer in NYC. There's no sign. Just the clock. (And a bunch of papparazzi around the corner.)

But enough of New York. Let's go to Prague, site of the ornate astronomical clock. Pretty...oh I won't.


This photo was shot at a local bar in the Turks and Caicos. Unlike in time obsessed New York, the Caribbean could care less about time. This could have more to do with the sun than anything. But I think it's a good summary.

To participate in Fri Fotos all you have to do is follow the twitter hashtag,#FriFotos. Each theme is announced every Tuesday after noon. For full rules, click here.


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