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Travel Find Tuesday: Are We Losing the Moment by Capturing the Moment?

5 Jun

I can’t help but wonder that when I look at this video of a couple during their vacation to Spain and Morocco. It’s a beautiful video, don’t get me wrong but…

By always being behind the lens are we forgetting what’s in front of us?

I struggle with this constantly because I work in social media in the travel industry. It’s also really difficult to turn off the gadgets in downtime. I think that’s why it’s so important to unplug and actually have a vacation. Actually, I’m seeing this trend with a few travel bloggers right now and I wonder if it will continue. I don’t think we’ll (“we” as in “travel bloggers” or people in social media as one subset; there’s also the “workaholic” subset as well) ever be able to completely “turn off” but at least living may lead to a better story and less a montage of photos.

So I vow this: one day during my trip in downtime to Portland and San Francisco, I am not going to be on the computer  at all (Twitter, Facebook, blog,the shebang). I’ll even turn off my phone. Gasp!  I can’t promise I won’t take photos. That might be hard. But except for my digital camera for one day, I will not be on any computer  Deal?



#FriFotos: Clocks

13 Apr

Time in Paris and New York

This Friday’s theme was clocks and time. I thought it was a good post and never realized I had a few photos of clocks. I love the romance of old clocks and finding them in the strangest places. Here are a few of my finds.  Continue reading

Planning Buenos Aires: Top 5 Boutique Hotels to Stay

9 Apr

Hotel Pulitzer

Though I’m planning Buenos Aires for a little while (still in that crux. Two weeks? One month?), I still want to have the luxury and the option of staying in an awesome hotel for one night or at least perusing their rooftop patios. And I figure if I’m going to explore a city in its depth, its best to know some pretty good hotels. These are a few of my favourites. I’ve done extensive research on BA specific blogs and recs from blogger friends to checking the travel mags and guides.  Here are my picks. And as is in Buenos Aires, these picks are under the $200 USD per night mark. Book well in advance. Continue reading

#FriFotos: Colourful/Colorful

30 Mar

Kids, it's not photoshopped! I could NOT get over the colour of the gorgeous ocean while taking the ferry from Athens to Mykonos. It's like this all over the Greek Isles and I highly recommend going!

Whoo Hoo! I’m co-hosting Fri Fotos today! It’s always fun to share my photos and see others interpretation of a theme. Plus, I love that this community–going strong for over a year–always gets so excited and creative each week for each theme. This one is no exception. It’s colourful (yes, there were many jokes about the Canadian spelling of this word) and it’s spring so hoping this will inspire some summer getaways or at least different vantage points. Here’s my take: Continue reading

#FriFotos: Spring!

22 Mar

Spring is...smelling the flowers. Wychwood Barns, Toronto.

It is spring! And in Toronto, the sun is OUT. The locals are hoping this lasts for a while (we’re hoping the rain is minimal!). Here are my interpretations of spring from Near and Afar.

Continue reading

#FriFotos: Green

16 Mar

Vancouver's Cliffwalk across from the Capilano Cliffwalk. Can't you just smell that fresh air?!

A little photo essay of my “green” photos for #FriFotos. This was fun to seek out. It made me miss Ireland and the forests of British Colombia, but I also realized there is a lot of  “green” in places other than Ireland. Come take a peek!  Continue reading

AFAR: Planning Buenos Aires – THINGS TO DO

14 Mar

Photo: graffitimundo dot com

As you may know, I’m planning Buenos Aires. After the intensive ice cream search, I decided to figure out what I could do. I’m trying to go beyond the typical things like the Recolata cemetary and tulip. You can find those things from other sources. I’ve linked excerpts for the things that I’m interested in and hope this helps you plan your trip too!

Let me know what your favourite things to do are in Buenos Aires. What are you favourite hidden gems of BA? Where are the locals? Let me know in the comments!  Continue reading

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