#FriFotos: Clocks

13 Apr

Time in Paris and New York

This Friday’s theme was clocks and time. I thought it was a good post and never realized I had a few photos of clocks. I love the romance of old clocks and finding them in the strangest places. Here are a few of my finds.  Continue reading


NEAR: Save In The City. A Video Entry!

12 Apr

The Ginger Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich. This photo does not do it justice but I can't embed the video for some reason!

So…there’s this amazing website in Toronto called “My City Lives” and what makes it different from other sites is that it’s a hyper local travel site that’s dedicated to video blogs.  Not only can find out about specific categories (shopping, food and drink, etc.) you can look for videos based on location via the map of Toronto. Pretty nifty! So these geniuses teamed up with financial jaggernaut ING to launch a video contest called “My City Saves.” Anything goes but you have to show your best saving tip in Toronto.

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NEAR: My Ten Favourite Places to Drink or Have a Cocktail in Toronto

11 Apr

Cold Tea

So lately, I’ve been going out a lot (no, this is not new news if you know me). I guess I’ve been drinking more than usual too. And while I won’t go on about how alcohol can be draining on the budget, Toronto has some great places to drink. I’ve stumbled upon a few new places (to me) and thought I’d share. The full Yelp list is here.

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Planning Buenos Aires: Top 5 Boutique Hotels to Stay

9 Apr

Hotel Pulitzer

Though I’m planning Buenos Aires for a little while (still in that crux. Two weeks? One month?), I still want to have the luxury and the option of staying in an awesome hotel for one night or at least perusing their rooftop patios. And I figure if I’m going to explore a city in its depth, its best to know some pretty good hotels. These are a few of my favourites. I’ve done extensive research on BA specific blogs and recs from blogger friends to checking the travel mags and guides.  Here are my picks. And as is in Buenos Aires, these picks are under the $200 USD per night mark. Book well in advance. Continue reading

March 2012: Monthly Update New Year’s Resolutions 2012

5 Apr

Champagne Taste and Beer Money (after debt payments).

RECAP: New Year’s Resolutions are here. January update is here. February update is here.

1. Debt Repayment 

I’m continuing to track and I’m continuing to pay minimum payments. But this is NOT enough.

This month, I’ll be getting a big writing check and as much as I want to put it right towards a trip to Buenos Aires, I have to be responsible. This means I’ll be able to concentrate on this effort a bit more and not have to worry about splitting payments between credit cards. Phew!

That said, if I wanted everything paid off in a year, I would still have to put much more than half of each check towards the credit cards. And good ol’ VISA will not let me change my card so I can have a reduced interest rate until I prove myself to them for another 6 months (in this case it’s probably about 4-6). That said, focusing on the VISA solely will help concentrate efforts and reduce debt.

It means not going out and I know that’s where I’m spending my money.  It’s not going to be paid off in a year. Not unless I find a job that pays me more or take on more freelance assignments at the risk of my sanity.

What’s helped: pre-cooking for the week for lunch so I’m not having a boring lunch or eating sodium induced microwave meals. i.e. I’ve cooked a big batch of pasta, brought pre-made pesto sauce and voila! I’ve got three lunches this week (I’m ok with eating the same thing for two or three days in a row one week). I got the pizza pops again and I think it’s a vice. They’re so good.  I still have to do my taxes as well and I’m dreading it. Continue reading

#FriFotos: Colourful/Colorful

30 Mar

Kids, it's not photoshopped! I could NOT get over the colour of the gorgeous ocean while taking the ferry from Athens to Mykonos. It's like this all over the Greek Isles and I highly recommend going!

Whoo Hoo! I’m co-hosting Fri Fotos today! It’s always fun to share my photos and see others interpretation of a theme. Plus, I love that this community–going strong for over a year–always gets so excited and creative each week for each theme. This one is no exception. It’s colourful (yes, there were many jokes about the Canadian spelling of this word) and it’s spring so hoping this will inspire some summer getaways or at least different vantage points. Here’s my take: Continue reading

The Best View of the CN Tower: The Thompson Hotel

26 Mar

The classic CN Tower shot. And The Thompson is practically the only place you can comfortably get the shot without any other buildings blocking the way.

The CN Tower is Toronto’s icon and landmark. And everyone has their spot for the best view. There are a few that I’ve mentioned in the  I Heart My City series on National Geographic Traveler’s website.  But now that a condo has been erected around every inch of downtown and the waterfront, the view is blocked. Until The Thompson Hotel took real estate.

I had the golden opportunity on a sunny day to explore the Thompson Rooftop which is infamous for its view. It’s true. I could stay up there for HOURS. I’m kind of jealous of the bartenders that get to work there. Seriously, what a VIEW. They have a Sundown Sunday to hang out on the roof but it’s for hotel guests and residents.  Thanks again to the Thompson for a very fun time!

This was also an opportunity to use my new Olympus E-PL3. It’s a great little camera to travel around with and I was able to get these shots using it. Continue reading

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