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NEAR: L’Unità

18 Apr

So I figured I’d wait a while to try a new restaurant since I’ve been working on other resolutions. After all, I have now completed NINE of my ten resolutions and it hasn’t even been six months. Go me! But the sacrifice is my waist line (and after trying on a few pairs of shorts, I’m realizing I need an exercise resolution, not a restaurant one).

The culprit in feeding me copious amounts of delicious food this time? L’unita.

I’ve attached pictures but it was so dark in there that we literally had to crowd four candles around the food to get a decent picture.  Yes, were one of *those* diners.

After deciding to try out L’unita instead of Niagara Street Cafe (which beckoned my first twitter hater who didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t coming to Niagara Street Cafe because it was closing), I’m glad I made the choice.

I went into a detailed review of my first experience on Yelp. I’ll talk about the food on my second visit and the vibe as a whole here.  Thus, the two reviews will be mixed. Continue reading


NEAR: Barque

9 Jan

I want my baby back baby back ...ribs!

Barque was the first choice to tick off the list of my 2012 Restaurant Resolutions (it’s the only one I’ve been keeping thus far!).  You can follow my other restaurant reviews on Yelp if you are so inclined. Continue reading

NEAR: The 2012 Restaurant Resolutions List

19 Dec

Pancakes with smoked duck leg, blueberry compote, chevre from Barque. Photo: barque.ca

2011 marked a great year for restaurants in Toronto. There were many new openings this year and a lagging economy doesn’t seem to stop patrons from going out and enjoying the multitude of excellent restaurants in our fair metropolis.

A brief overview of new openings this year that I’m LOVING:

1. Acadia 2. Grand Electric 3. Estiatorio Volos 4. Campagnolo  (late last year, but still) 5. Porchetta & Co. (ok, late last year)

So what will I try this year?! I think that depends on new openings but I also realized there’s a few classic restaurants that I haven’t yet tried. Challenge Accepted! Continue reading

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