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NEAR: Tasty Tours Toronto

22 Jan

Egg tarts from Butterfly Bakery

When my good friend Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic generously invited me on a new tour in Toronto called Tasty Tours, I was game. I’ve lived in Toronto but I strongly believe in seeing your city as a tourist and it’s what I aim to do with this blog as well.  I thought it was a clever idea to take a popular area like Toronto and explore a certain aspect of it.  The owner of Tasty Tours, Audrey Ooi, has done exactly done. Brava! You can also read my Yelp reviewContinue reading

#FriFotos: Trick or Treat

4 Nov

La piece de resistance. Aux Pains de Manon.

Halloween is over but it doesn’t mean the travel blogging community still can’t have fun! It’s like a holiday for us everyday (Kidding!).  So in the choice of trick or treat, I choose treat and then tweet about it.

One of my favourite treats is in none other than the star city of baked goods, Paris. You’ll continue to hear me wax poetic about Paris because it’s that good. I was having a particularly emotional day because I just visited the Musee Marmottan Monet, the museum dedicated to Monet, with many pieces donated by his son. (Monet is my favourite painter.)  It was the first time I got to see his waterlilies paintings up close, so I lost it. I was also battling being victim of bed bug bites and trying to figure out how to get compensated by my insurance provider that day (not as romantic). When I was looking for the internet/phone cafe I stumbled upon this cute little bakery called Aux Pains de Manon in the 16th. Itchy and all cried out, I deemed myself worthy enough to be the recipient of the most decadent piece of chocolate I could find. The above picture is my discovery. I am not sure what dessert it was. But this is the thing.  I didn’t care. I just enjoyed it. Mouthful by mouthful, looking over at the elderly couple having a laugh or people passing by, I relished in my solitude. And it’s these little things that are the best treats of all.

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