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#FriFotos: Earth Day

20 Apr

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d have enough material for this week’s Fri Fotos. I don’t work for a recognizable pro-environment company. I’m not one of those gung-ho enivronmental evangelists nor do I need to laud it over people’s heads. But I do what I can with what I’m aware of. (If that makes any grammatical sense whatsoever.)  My dad taught me to turn off the lights and he always used to chastise me about it and saving energy in that simple sense became a habit. Now when I see other people leave the lights on at unnecessary times, I get annoyed and always turn off the light. I recycle. I’m a good citizen. I won the environmental challenge in Grade 8. They even gave me a pretty certificate. Does this count?

But seriously, how in the h-e-to-double-hockey-sticks can I be a better traveler in that sense? Right now I don’t have the time to do a voluntourism type of vacation or take a few months to save the children in Africa. Sorry, not trying to sound sarcastic here but I would love to hear your tips. Here are a few photos I came up with.

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#FriFotos: Clocks

13 Apr

Time in Paris and New York

This Friday’s theme was clocks and time. I thought it was a good post and never realized I had a few photos of clocks. I love the romance of old clocks and finding them in the strangest places. Here are a few of my finds.  Continue reading

#FriFotos: Spring!

22 Mar

Spring is...smelling the flowers. Wychwood Barns, Toronto.

It is spring! And in Toronto, the sun is OUT. The locals are hoping this lasts for a while (we’re hoping the rain is minimal!). Here are my interpretations of spring from Near and Afar.

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#FriFotos: Green

16 Mar

Vancouver's Cliffwalk across from the Capilano Cliffwalk. Can't you just smell that fresh air?!

A little photo essay of my “green” photos for #FriFotos. This was fun to seek out. It made me miss Ireland and the forests of British Colombia, but I also realized there is a lot of  “green” in places other than Ireland. Come take a peek!  Continue reading

#FriFotos: Local

24 Feb

Toronto has a soccer team called the Toronto Football Club. In all our glory on Canada Day.

Today’s theme is “Local.” Now, that’s a theme I can get behind! 🙂 Here’s the photo essay… Continue reading

#Fri Fotos: SAND

10 Feb

Toes in the sand at Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

In the colder months of winter, we all dream of sunny, warm places away. Places where we can sink our toes into the sand.

I was lucky enough to experience the pristine beaches of Turks and Caicos. Grace Bay Beach is one of the best beaches I’ve planted my feet on. No peddlars; gorgeous turquoise waters and utter relaxation.  Here’s a few pics: Continue reading

#FriFotos: Exotic

20 Jan

Turks and Caicos Ariel Shot - That WATER!

Because it’s been a while since I’ve been anywhere, I’ve been writing a lot about local spots at home (NEAR) so this exotic themed blog post for Fri Fotos was a push to go back through old files and relive the exotic places I’ve been in my travels. Europe might not be as exotic as other destinations in places like Africa, South America or Asia but I think it has its moments. It’s also motivating me to get a little bit more afar. There’s also some Caribbean love in there if you’re looking to go to the Turks and Caicos. Those varying shades of blue water will make you want to get on a plane fast! If you have any questions about these destinations, let me know! Continue reading

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