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#FriFotos: Local

24 Feb

Toronto has a soccer team called the Toronto Football Club. In all our glory on Canada Day.

Today’s theme is “Local.” Now, that’s a theme I can get behind! 🙂 Here’s the photo essay… Continue reading

NEAR: Cold Tea Toronto

26 Jan

The kick ass collage by Mango Peeler at Cold Tea Toronto

I feel like the cat’s out of the bag already on this secret. I did an extensive Yelp review on it. (Note: the bar, naturally, does not have any website or phone number).  I think I may use that review as I don’t want to repeat myself. The great allure of this place is that you have to find it. I kind of let the cat out of the bag on that secret by showing a detailed photo essay on how to get to the joint. I know that New Yorkers are already finding this place and half the fun really is trying to find it. BUT if you don’t have time, the photo essay was to assist you because it was difficult to find even as a local. And local it is!  **Please don’t hate me owners of Cold Tea.  (But really the intention is to tell people how cool you are and as a result, you’re getting some biz-ness! And nope, not paid at all for this post. I just genuinely love this bar). Continue reading

NEAR: How Do I Get To Cold Tea Bar in Toronto?

25 Jan

Cold Tea!

Cold Tea is this new speakeasy that opened in Toronto in the fall of 2011 named after the after-last-call tradition in Chinatown and it’s quickly gaining popularity among the downtown crowd in Toronto. What’s so interesting about it is their clandestine location. The owners are probably going to hate me because I’m giving away their little secret. At the same time, what if I bring them business due to my post? Irony.

This is the thing: the cat’s out of the bag, so why not make a cool blog post about it? Because as G.I. Joe would say, “Knowing is half the battle.”  At the same time, I’m digging my own grave here because it’s still relatively unknown and I want to be able to come here without the infiltration of the 905 (sorry, GTA). Or maybe “too bad, too sad, Nat.” The Yelp Review is here with more pictures and another review with my pics is coming out tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Continue reading

NEAR: Tasty Tours Toronto

22 Jan

Egg tarts from Butterfly Bakery

When my good friend Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic generously invited me on a new tour in Toronto called Tasty Tours, I was game. I’ve lived in Toronto but I strongly believe in seeing your city as a tourist and it’s what I aim to do with this blog as well.  I thought it was a clever idea to take a popular area like Toronto and explore a certain aspect of it.  The owner of Tasty Tours, Audrey Ooi, has done exactly done. Brava! You can also read my Yelp reviewContinue reading

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