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#FriFotos: Earth Day

20 Apr

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d have enough material for this week’s Fri Fotos. I don’t work for a recognizable pro-environment company. I’m not one of those gung-ho enivronmental evangelists nor do I need to laud it over people’s heads. But I do what I can with what I’m aware of. (If that makes any grammatical sense whatsoever.)  My dad taught me to turn off the lights and he always used to chastise me about it and saving energy in that simple sense became a habit. Now when I see other people leave the lights on at unnecessary times, I get annoyed and always turn off the light. I recycle. I’m a good citizen. I won the environmental challenge in Grade 8. They even gave me a pretty certificate. Does this count?

But seriously, how in the h-e-to-double-hockey-sticks can I be a better traveler in that sense? Right now I don’t have the time to do a voluntourism type of vacation or take a few months to save the children in Africa. Sorry, not trying to sound sarcastic here but I would love to hear your tips. Here are a few photos I came up with.

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Playing Tour Guide in Toronto

30 Sep

The Rooftop of the Planet Traveler Hostel, Toronto

The past month has been nutty and not just on the job/writing front but also with personal visits. Many international bloggers I’ve befriended on Twitter over the past year or so have been travelling through Toronto, so I’ve gotten to play tour guide.  Here’s a little bit of the Toronto I show visitors when they’re here. On the flip side, I get to become a tourist myself and find out new things about my beloved T Dot too. That’s why I love the city so much. Continue reading

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